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A correspondence course is a class that is carried out through distance learning, whether that is online or with print materials that are mailed or faxed. Some correspondence courses may be Common Courses: English Composition, Basic Algebra, Introduction to Finance. Oct 02,  · Correspondence training Correspondence training (coursework completed by mail, online, or by some other device) may be a good option for you if you want to take classes from home or if you live far from any schools. Find out how your VA education benefits may help pay for correspondence training.

Correspondence Training | Veterans Affairs. A correspondence school is any school that offers its courses to students through distance learning. Correspondence schools exist all over the country and can be utilized for required schooling, Common Award Levels: High school diploma or GED; associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees; technical certificates.

Education for prisoners is at their own expense through distance education courses or studies completed through U.S. mail. While the case for prison education is clear, with many proven benefits for .