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Feb 14,  · Under state law, cities and counties can impose curfews during a state of emergency “to provide for the protection of life and property.” In the early hours of Sunday morning, the La Mesa City Council met and imposed a curfew from a.m a.m., according to the Union-Tribune. Nov 11,  · As it turns out, there could be some curfew laws that apply to adults. State and local governments may institute emergency curfews, municipalities can have business curfew ordinances, and some apartment complexes have been trying to enforce curfews on tenants. Here's how curfew laws for adults work.

Today, “curfew” is a more generalized law that regulates the time at which people should be off the public streets, and can also be used to restrict the operating hours of businesses. Because curfew laws are not outlined in the Federal Constitution, they are regulated by local governments and can vary widely by state, county, or municipality. A curfew is a law, regulation, or ordinance that forbids particular people or particular classes of people from being outdoors in public places at certain specified times of the day.

Curfew Laws Curfew laws prohibit or limit your right to be out in public at certain times. They are intended to maintain a certain level of order and safety in public spaces. Most curfew laws apply only to juveniles under the age of Nov 27,  · If you are 15,16, or 17 years old the curfew law does apply under the following conditions: 1) if with their parents or someone with an adult a parent approves of 2) going to or coming from.