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Feb 04,  · What to Put Inside Easter Eggs for Adults Get creative and see what other ideas come to your mind as you search for your egg stuffers. Try browsing the travel section of your grocery store for tiny treasures you can use in your hunt. The dollar store also holds many great egg stuffers for those on a budget. Mar 19,  · Switch out the traditional Easter egg hunt with a grownup-friendly alternative: Roll those plastic eggs to get as close to a target as possible. Whoever’s eggs land the closest wins a Author: Alesandra Dubin.

Mar 15,  · The focus of your adult egg hunt party is the hunt itself, but you can’t throw an event without feeding your guests. Just make sure to keep the food simple since everyone will spend most of their. Mar 16,  · Today we’ve put together our Easter egg hunt ideas for adults – they still include all the best elements of an egg hunt that you loved as a kid but the clues are harder and the prizes are more grown-up. (But don’t worry, there are still plenty of chocolate eggs!) How to plan an Easter egg hunt for adults Pick up some fillable eggs.

Feb 23,  · Hide plastic eggs filled with wrapped candies for a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt. Bonus points if you fill the eggs with nostalgic candies or fancy chocolates instead of the regular jelly beans and chocolate eggs. This idea for an adult Easter egg hunt is sure to please every bunny. Credit: Alice & Lois. Feb 10,  · With eggs concealing 21+ treats, like mini bottles of liquor and a hunt throughout your backyard to fill up a six pack of beer, these ideas are perfect for letting the parents cut loose. Before you know it, hosting an adult egg hunt will quickly become a mainstay as part of your Easter traditions.

Apr 17,  · 9 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Adults That Are Genuinely Fun. Steffi Loos/Getty Images News/Getty Images. Not only do your guests get to partake in an Easter egg hunt, but they also get to.