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The following vendors have been approved for distance learning instruction. Please refer to the Adult Education Provider Manual for ICCB Policy related to remote instruction. ICCB Approved Web-based Curricula. Burlington English (xhuster.xyz) Approved for ESL instruction. ‘Impact of Distance Education on Adult Learning’ project (IDEAL) Distance education is becoming an increasingly widespread phenomenon. As many adults are unable to participate in on-campus education, distance education offers flexible learning paths that greatly enhance accessibility to higher education.

The High School Correspondence Program has grown out of a need for students to have access to credit courses outside of the traditional classroom schedule. These classes are taken either as a transfer credit to the student's home high school or credit toward the DMACC Adult High School Diploma. Adult Education Program About the Adult Education Program: We offer free classes in convenient locations and flexible schedules (morning, afternoon and evening) taught by highly qualified teachers. An adult-centered curriculum based on the Texas Adult Education Content Standards centered on individualized placement and progress evaluations.

Correspondence education, method of providing education for nonresident students, primarily adults, who receive lessons and exercises through the mails or some other device and, upon completion, return them for analysis, criticism, and grading. Distance Learning in Adult Basic Education: A Review of the Literature. Informational Material. The purpose of this literature review is to provide background information about distance learning (DL) in adult basic education (ABE), specifically, to identify program design and policy implications to inform the use of distance education (DE.