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adult games for a family reunion - Indian cousins fuck at home on family reunion

Another family reunion favorite, the egg race is great for a big group. Have everyone choose a partner, face each other, and then stand about 30 feet apart. All players have to put spoons in their mouths. The first player places an egg on their spoon and runs it . May 13,  · Family reunion games can make a family reunion even more memorable – here are some of our most-loved games from past reunions that you can easily replicate! Fun Family Games A few weeks ago we attended a family reunion with my mom’s family.

Carnival Games – A fun idea for your family reunion is to have a full-on carnival day with all kinds of carnival games. For example, a bean bag toss, can toss, cupcake walk, or even a prize punch! Lawn Twister – If you like the game Twister, then you will for sure love this version! Adult Games. Adults need some adult time once in awhile, and a family reunion is the perfect chance to get that in! Horseshoes: What You’ll Need: A set of 4 horseshoes, stake. How to Play: Easy to set up but tough to play! 2 players or teams go head to head in this classic outdoor game. Setup is as simple as placing a stake in the ground.

Icebreaker games allow adult family members to get acquainted and catch up without feeling too much pressure or anxiety. Most group games help break the ice, but personalized, interactive games help family members learn about each other . Make your next family reunion even more fun by incorporating these classic games and activities into your festivities. Both kids and grownups alike will love these popular options from Amazon including indoor activities like Apples to Apples and bingo, as well as outdoor competitions like cornhole and relay races.