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adult male genital cutting - Genitals In A Box ( CBT )

Mar 22,  · Females in the USA and many other countries are protected by law from all forms of genital cutting. The mistaken belief behind circumcision is that it is cleaner, healthier, protects against disease, and will make males more tractable in a society. Jul 29,  · Male adult circumcision (MAC) is performed for a variety of indications, including penile and preputial pathology, disease prevention (mainly sexually transmitted infections [STIs] and HIV), and sexual dysfunction, as well as personal preference.

Jan 04,  · Male genital mutilation is, in short, a laughing matter and fit topic for ribald adult humour – and, no matter how horrible the acts which women commit, it is always men, or some man, who must ultimately be found to be at fault. The terms genital modification and genital mutilation can refer to permanent or temporary changes to human sex organs. Some forms of genital alteration are performed at the behest of an adult, with their informed consent. Other forms are performed on people who do not give informed consent, including infants or children.

It is intended to counteract the mindset that the foreskin is an "extra" "flap of skin" - - and that male genital cutting is the norm, and the corresponding mindsets that lead to the cutting of girls and intersex people. Links to the most useful pages, if they are . Sep 28,  · Otherwise, this constitutes forced genital mutilation." Other men, some circumcised later, complain about the loss of sensation. RELATED: 6 Reasons I Believe Circumcising Your Son Is Genital.

Jan 06,  · Many people have said, male genital mutilation, known more commonly as circumcision, which is performed on males is not comparable with female genital mutilation. And like all claims, this claim must be investigated to see if it is true.