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Stem cell banking is the process of harvesting adult mesenchymal stem cells from either your own bone marrow or adipose (fat) tissue. These stem cells can be stored so that they can be used later in life when you’re dealing with a particular health condition or injury/5(41). With a focus on ensuring your stem cells’ integrity, your safety and a lifetime supply of your own stem cells, Celltex’s stem cell banking services are designed to give you peace of mind throughout the entire process. Why Bank Your Stem Cells? Preparing for the Future.

Clinically applicable cryopreservation and banking of adult stem cells offers unique opportunities to advance the potential uses and widespread implementation of these cells in clinical applications. Most current cryopreservation protocols include animal serum proteins and potentially toxic cryoprotectant additives (CPAs) that prevent direct use of these cells in Cited by: Your Body’s Stem Cell Bank Account. By Neil Riordan, PhD. Everybody is born with a certain amount of stem cells, specifically, “adult stem cells.”. This number may be thought of as a type of “bank account”, from which each person may make “withdrawals” throughout his or her lifetime, as needed. However, not all bank accounts are created equal.