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Feb 05,  · An adult nursing relationship (ANR) is one in which a man or woman nurses off their lactating partner (or stranger, whatever floats your boat). How do you feel about this? We are the largest online community of people seeking and living the ABF/ANR lifestyle. Sign up Log in. How to start. Create profile. Take a minute to fill in your profile and tell the world about yourself. Upload pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words. Upload as many pictures as you like.

In the very basic definition, an ANR is an Adult Nursing Relationship in which an adult suckles from either a lactating or non-lactating woman. If the woman is not producing milk as her partner suckles, this is referred to as "dry nursing", and is often done for the purpose of closeness and comfort. If you are a single nurse, or someone that would really love to date a nurse - you came to the right place! With just a few mouse clicks you will be able to join this Nurse Dating website where single men and women get together to connect and have some fun.

Adult nursing is incredibly intimate and loving, much more so than sex. It is hard to describe but there is simply no comparison to the deep, primal emotions generated within a nursing relationship. We have become emotionally and physically closer to each other then we ever imagined possible.