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The School of Professional & Continuing Studies offers classes and programs that focus on communication and writing for multiple audiences and using multiple media. Our classes and programs cover writing . Feb 16,  · Developing Writing Skills in Adults. 8 weeks | 40 hours. Writing is a complicated process, and even experienced writers may feel anxiety and nervousness when facing a writing assignment. This course will help you guide your learners through the writing process, from just getting words on paper (or screen) through pre-writing.

Creative Writing Classes Students are taught in a supportive environment, seminar-style so that they can explore and learn to write in a variety of formats. Creative Writing classes are small with a . Courses. Search all courses offered across Virginia's Community Colleges and browse subjects and courses across all colleges. View each individual course description, content summary, and schedule across Virginia. Find the colleges which offer the course as well as when and where the course .