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advocating for an adult on probation - Somebodys Wife at an Adult Theater

The County of Santa Clara Probation DepartmentaSanta Clara County Probation Department strives to promote comm unity safety by implementing proven strategies which enhance and support: Positive change in our clients, families and neighborhoodsl; Reparation of the harm caused by criminal behavior; and Exemplary conditions of secure care. In addition, the Advocate Program supervises those placed on probation for criminal or traffic offenses, monitoring their attendance and progress in educational classes and/or groups, as well as their compliance with all other conditions as set forth by the sentencing judge.

Kim Maciel, Victim Advocate Adult Probation & Parole Christopher Frenier, Supervisor WOONSOCKET: Pond Street Woonsocket, RI Telephone Facsimile MAIN Conference Room “ Christopher Frenier, Supervisor “. Dec 13,  · Hours Please call or visit website for hours of operation.; Specific Populations Served: Adults Fees: Please contact provider for fee information. Application Process: Call or visit website for additional information. Eligibility Requirements: Please call service provider or visit website to learn more about eligibility requirements. Payment/Insurance Accepted: Please contact provider for.

People can change, and probation services are a viable means to effect positive change. In partnering with the community to habilitate the offender and to enrich the community. In supporting and advocating for victims' rights. In treating all people with dignity and respect. Dec 22,  · Adult probation is reserved for adult offenders. These offenders may have committed violent crimes or relatively minor offenses. Adult probation seeks to hold criminals liable while initiating change, by implementing correctional practices.

The Nueces County Community Supervision and Corrections Department, also known as the adult Probation Department, supervises adults on pre-trial and court-order probation and monitors their compliance with the conditions set forth by the court. The Lehigh County Adult Probation & Parole Department's mission is to aid in reducing the incidents of crime in the community through field based supervision, treatment, and rehabilitation of the offender, thus protecting the public from recurring criminal and antisocial behavior.