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The law killed the adult number business, which moved over to numbers, where billing had to be done by credit card. Hulk Hogan's Hotline was a lucrative number in the s. Other early leaders in amassing huge volumes of revenue were the New Kids on the Block and Dionne Warwick's Psychic Friends Network. Blocking numbers. In most areas, you can ask your local telephone company to block number dialing from your phone. The company must do so at no charge if you make the request within 60 days of beginning new telephone service. The company can charge a reasonable one-time fee if you ask for blocking outside the day period. If you.

Oct 04,  · Like many numbers, this ad for an Indiana Jones hotline asked kids to "get permission" from their parents before calling. In , the Supreme Court allowed a law passed by Congress that created a block on all numbers that provided adult content, except for those consumers who requested access to a specific number in writing. The law killed the adult number . Apr 25,  · Business numbers can be purchased online through an existing number company that already has all the equipment needed to field a large number of phone calls and direct them properly or you can purchase the equipment yourself. Either way requires a large upfront financial commitment and some number know-how on your part. offers a full suite of automated telephone billing services that help you turn the telephone into a lucrative revenue stream, including: , and numbers, billing & collection, programming and reporting. The Difference Between and Pay Per Call Numbers. Whether you choose an number or a number should be based on your needs and what service you want available to your customers. With both and numbers, your line can handle up .