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21 Cheerleaders Showing Off More Than Just Their Pom Poms! Cheerleading can be a demanding profession with the girls having to be both fit and beautiful at all times, is it any wonder that when they slip up that there will be someone ready to catch it on camera. Jun 11,  · Cheerleaders also belong to the category of humans which means they are also vulnerable against embarrassing fails. Listed in this post are 30 most ridiculous yet hilarious cheerleaders fail. These photos will surely make you laugh hard. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. #1 That’s not how you do a plank Linda.

Super NFl cheerleaders wardrobe malfunction. Sep 06,  · Cheer Fact: It wasn’t until the s that professional sports teams began to have their own cheerleaders. The first NFL team to have a cheerleading squad was the Baltimore (now Indianapolis) Colts. In those days, pro cheerleaders were selected primarily for their looks, though the ability to dance was also a key factor. 5 Epic Fall.

Feb 03,  · Take a look and prepared to be blown away by some of these flabbergasting cheerleader wardrobe mishaps. Fall Back. These cheerleaders are clearly bending at the knees backward. Leg Lifts. Lifting your legs is cool, if you can hold everything inside. Wrong Size Skirt. These cheerleaders shopped in the baby section of the store. Step Ups. Mar 01,  · To see the full set of still images visit: us on facebook:

Nov 06,  · CLICK SHOW MORE For LINKS to OUR OTHER AWESOME VIDEOS *** SuperRandom brings you videos all across the board. Consistency is not our thing,.\\r\\rCheck out this collection of the craziest cheerleader wardrobe malfunctions! Which one do you think is the worst? Guys agree: sometimes the most entertaining.\\r\\r29 HOT CHEERLEADERS You .