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Adults with Down syndrome: an investigation of the effects of reading on language skills. Unpublished PhD Thesis. University of Portsmouth. See Record Keeping checklists] in Resources list. Buckley, S. (). Speech and language for individuals with Down syndrome - an overview. Portsmouth, UK: The Down Syndrome Educational Trust. Jul 16,  · What is certain is that people with Down syndrome have the potential to learn throughout their lifetimes and that their potential can be maximized through early intervention, good education, high expectations, and encouragement from family, caregivers, and xhuster.xyzen with Down syndrome can and do learn, and are capable of developing skills throughout their lives.

The mental health, adaptive behaviour and intellectual abilities of people with Down syndrome (n=) were evaluated in a population-based survey of social and health care records. Females had better cognitive abilities and speech production compared with males. Males had more behavioural problems than females. Behaviour suggestive of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder was often seen in. Most people with Down syndrome have cognitive delays that are mild to moderate. Due to advances in medical technology, individuals with Down syndrome are living longer than ever before. In , children with Down syndrome were expected to survive to age nine. With the discovery of antibiotics, the average survival age increased to 19 or

The pattern of mental health problems in Down syndrome vary depending on the age and developmental characteristics of the child or adult with Down syndrome as follows. Young and early school age children with limitations in language and communication skills, cognition, and non-verbal problem solving abilities present with increased. Down Syndrome (DS) is a chromosomal alteration. Chromosomes are structures found in every cell of the body that contain genetic material and are responsible for determining anything ranging from your eye colour to your height. Typically, each cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes, with half coming from each parent [1]. Down syndrome, however, occurs when chromosome 21 has a full or partial extra.

Apr 29,  · The child with down syndrome delays in gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and communication. OT assesses all areas of development (gross motor skills, fine motor skills, behavior, social skills, cognition and perception) for comprehensive management planning. Infants with Down syndrome enjoy communicating and make good use of non-verbal skills including babbling and gesture in social situations. Most children and adults with Down syndrome continue to develop good social skills and appropriate social behavior, though a significant minority may develop difficult behaviors, particularly those with the.