Saline Inflation of Tits and Pussy - saline clitoris infusion


saline clitoris infusion - Saline Inflation of Tits and Pussy

Scrotal Infusion or Saline Balls. Body Modification. The amount of saline solution injected during a saline balls procedure varies, but quantities between milliliters and 1 liter are common. The more saline solution is injected, the greater the effect. Typically, the . Saline Injection for a temporary breast enlargement has come as a procedure to have it for special events, parties, and vacations. Ever wish that you. Women Fitness. Women Fitness is an exhaustive resource on exercise for women, workouts for women, strength training, Zumba, HIIT, weight loss, workout, fitness tips, yoga, pregnancy.

The amount of saline necessary depends on the comfort level and experience of the injected: In a case study in Southern Medical Journal, a man injected millileters (roughly 30 ounces — two ounces less than a large McDonalds soda cup) of fluid into his scrotum. Labia infusions are really no different to the above, although the saline dissipates quite quickly. You can either do drip feed as with the above procedure, or inject it with small controllable syringes with smaller needles, using either Sodium Chloride Bottles or syringe it from a IV bag.