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Adult Education for Social Change (Erasmus Mundus International Master) IntM Coronavirus: information for postgraduate students Adult education has been recognised in Europe as a critical element in addressing challenges pertaining to employment, research and innovation, climate change and energy, education and combatting poverty. In digressive change however, a civilized society reverts to social evils that threaten its existence. While there are various factors that can facilitate social change, education is the most universally accepted method. This can be attributed to the fact that education is probably the only method of social change that eradicates ignorance, others facilitate it.

According to Derwing, adult education geared towards social change involves educational activities that transform the society within which they are implemented (). As such, with an objective of transforming the society in which they operate, there should be an organization of educational activities. According to Merizow (), the adult educators must support and broaden the rules, the social practices, the institutions and systems that empower a fuller and more open participation in intellectual discussion, transformative learning, considerate action and a .

The second and third type of institutions believed that English education, particularly at the higher levels, would lead to change of social values. Social reformers, who were educated through English, emphasised values like removal of caste restrictions, equality of women, doing away with evil social customs and practices, voice in the governance of the country, establishing . Mwanakatwe, J. M. Continuing education of adults plays a vital role in national development and in promoting political and social change. Ways in which adult education affects political change include: increasing the literacy of adults so that they can become responsible citizens; unifying multilingual, multiracial societies through the teaching of English; improving the adults' Cited by: 1.

The role of education as an agent or instrument of social change and development is widely recognised today. Education can initiate social change by bringing about a change in the outlook and attitudes of man. It can bring about a change in the pattern of social relationship and thereby it may cause social changes. Two influential educators inspired practice for social change: Myles Horton and Paulo Freire. As adult education becomes a big business and remains an instrument for the legitimation and perpetuation of the status quo, grassroots efforts continue to Cited by: 6.