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Specific condom use errors and problems that could lead to breakage and slippage were also examined. A three-month recall period was used. Breakage/slippage was found to be associated with never receiving instruction on correct condom use (P = ), more than one sex partner (P = ), more frequent use of condoms (P = ), and partner(s Cited by: We examined why male condoms broke or slipped off during commercial sex and the actions taken in response among 75 female and male sex workers and male clients recruited from 18 bars/nightclubs in Mombasa, Kenya. Most participants (61/75, 81%) had experienced at least one breakage or slippage during commercial by: 6.

Jul 01,  · Clinical breakage rates in prospective studies vary between % and %; in retrospective studies, total condom breakage rates range between % and %.4 Complete condom slippage, where the condom falls completely off the penis during intercourse or withdrawal, varies from % to % in prospective studies and % to % in retrospective Cited by: Although such high condom failure rates may cause alarm, there is evi-dence that for a majority of users, condoms provide an effective method of preventing preg-nancy and sexually transmitted disease infection if they are used correctly. The high overall breakage and slippage rates may be caused by incorrect behavior or by certain characteristics.

Research on adolescents' experience using condoms, including condom slippage/breakage, is limited. This exploratory study examines proper condom use and the occurrence of condom slippage/breakage among alternative school youth. METHODS: Data are from an HIV/STI prevention trial for youth in continuation school settings (N = ). Cited by: 7. Data on condom breakage and slippage from a nationally representative survey show that the average condom breakage rate experienced by year-old men who have used a condom in the preceding six months was %, and that % of all condoms used during that time broke. Comparable condom slippage rates are % and %, by:

Abstract. Although millions of couples rely on male latex condoms to protect against unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, their use is limited in part by questions about their performance. Rates of condom breakage and slippage, two measures of performance, vary broadly across studies. This variation in part reflects study variability and limitations, Cited by: