2 German Teens enjoy hot Lesbian action - with foam & dildo - contraceptive foam and condom


contraceptive foam and condom - 2 German Teens enjoy hot Lesbian action - with foam & dildo

Aug 14,  · Foam contraceptives are spermicides inserted inside a woman's vagina before sexual intercourse. They are used to kill sperm and prevent sperm from reaching the egg. Foam contraceptives can be effective if used properly (according to the product's instructions). Most foam contraceptives are also used with condoms to reduce the risk of pregnancy. May 13,  · A contraceptive foam is a foam that is inserted into the vagina to prevent pregnancy. The foam is a spermicide, which means that it kills sperm from the woman's sexual partner. The use of contraceptive foam as a method of birth control is not as effective as the use of condoms or the contraceptive pill.

Foam and condoms are fairly inexpensive and easy to get. You can buy contraceptive foam almost anywhere that tampons and sanitary napkins are sold. Condoms (rubbers) are often sold at drug stores and in vending machines in restrooms. There are many brands and kinds of foam and condoms.