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Dec 06,  · Dick and Jane books can be found FREE online. While I prefer using actual books, the original books are hard to find. If you have a computer or e-reader you can read them easily online at Open Library. I’ve used two of the Open Library Dick and Jane books so far. This is a New Zealand classification of Big Dick Little Jane Part 1. Title Big Dick Little Jane Part 1 Publication number Medium Slick Current decision Approved Associated documents _54_4_pdf (Film Poster Decision) Registration date Language English Country United States Related publications Classification .

Comprehensive collection of Dick & Jane classics. Twelve of the most popular and endearing titles. Complete series in an illustrated, standup case/5. I love this Penguin Young Reader book of Dick and Jane: Away We Go. The cover is very nice, the pictures bright, and the print a very good size. It's a good size for little hands. My five-year-old grandson missed the cutoff date for kindergarten this year, and his daycare does not do very much in the way of preschool/5().

I bought the Dick and Jane Reading Collection for him. This was the series that I learned to read with many years ago. The words used in the series are basic sight words that he will need to learn, and there is so much repetition that it didn't take him long to /5(). Along with children of the 30's, 40's and 50's, Dick and Jane lived and flourished. However, when Rudolf Flesch wrote his book Why Johnny Can't Read: And What You Can Do about It, the Dick and Jane books began to slowly fall out of favor into a more phonics-based method of instruction. One day, a teacher purchased every book of the Dick and Jane series and burned them all to .

Dick and Jane Series Found in Children’s Picture Books Millions of Americans remember Dick and Jane and now they’re back with classic readers and various formats. Sign me up to get more news about Children’s books. The original Dick and Jane series was the idea and creation of Zerna Addis Sharp, (known as the "Mother" of the Dick and Jane Series).William S. Gray, (known as the "Father" of the Dick and Jane Series), was a co-creator and the main author of this series. William H. Elson was a co-author of the Dick and Jane Readers. Elson's previous reading series ("The Elson Basic .