ONE OF THE BEST TITS IN THE WORLD - islam and world domination


islam and world domination - ONE OF THE BEST TITS IN THE WORLD

ISLAM AND WORLD DOMINATION “Muslim nations are very special because they have a command from Allah to rule the entire world and to be over every nation in the world.” Maulana Abul Ala Maududi, “The Godfather of Islam” Islamization of the world began in Mecca and spread first to the Middle East and South Asia. History and teachings of the Islamic plan of World Conquest.

For a look at a Palestinian Islamist preaching world domination by Islam, MEMRI TV offers a transcript as well as translated television footage. MEMRI TV has another translated video clip and a transcript that shows an imam of a New York mosque saying on Arab TV that one day the White House will be Muslim, if Muslims set a good example. However, this worldwide domination of Islam which has been promised by Allah (swt) does not necessarily mean that every single person on earth will become Muslim.

Islam(ists) and religious world domination. By James Arlandson. Islamic terrorism may eventually be defeated in its large manifestations, like the one we saw on 9/11, but built into earliest Islam. Islam seeks nothing less than total global domination. The word Islam literally means “Taslim,” (submission) or just “surrender,” the kind that comes by force and fraud. Its scripture must be taken literally; its provisions are intended to .

READ: Shocking World Events: Apocalypses Now – Global Disaster / ISIS / Earthquakes /Tsunami.. Biological Jihad is the Muslim practice of emigrating to every major country around the world, and having as many children as average number of people in a European Muslim family is 8, with many families having as many as 10 to Various Islamic leaders, preachers and citizens state their end goal of world domination, through the means of infiltration, immigration and violent jihadist.