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piercing and breast feeding - Chunky swim suit chick with tongue piercing and goggles gobbles cock on couch

However, a small study of three breastfeeding mothers who had nipple piercings provided some evidence that nipple piercing may lead to a reduced milk supply. It is thought that this is because a nipple piercing may reduce how well breastmilk can be removed from a breast. Nov 10,  · None of the major medical organizations worldwide has made statements on the issue of nipple piercing and breastfeeding. If you are contemplating getting a piercing and also want to have a baby, it is best to plan to get the piercing done at least 12–18 months before you plan to .

Sep 14,  · Another much more dangerous consequence of breastfeeding with your nipple piercing is that the piercing can come loose and end up being swallowed by the baby. As such, piercings pose a serious choking hazard to your baby. Lastly, the holes from the piercing can impact the flow of milk and make it faster than usual. Jan 11,  · Nipple piercings may interfere with your ability to breastfeed. The piercing itself may cause complications leading to blocked milk ducts and reduced milk flow. This could hinder your milk production. Of course, you'll need to remove any jewelry from your nipples when you're nursing.

Jul 27,  · Breastfeeding exposes your piercing to more potential infection-causing germs from your baby’s mouth. And that can put you at higher risk for mastitis. On top of the higher infection risk, pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones could cause your piercing to take longer than normal to heal. Feb 26,  · Breastfeeding safely with a nipple piercing Once a nipple piercing fully heals, make sure you take measures to breastfeed safely. Even when nipple jewelry appears secure in your nipple, it Author: Valencia Higuera.

Mar 02,  · Ideally the suitable time to start breastfeeding is months after piercing. Or you can plan your piercing 3 months after weaning. This will allow you to get the desired amount of time to heal the wound before the hormonal changes trigger. It gives time for the piercing to be removed without the holes closing up. Nipple piercings can impact breastfeeding for both mother and baby. Common concerns for mom may include nerve damage that impacts the milk ejection reflex or scarring that obstructs the milk flow which can, over time, affect milk production. There have been reports of mastitis and abscesses from previous nipple piercings as well.