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Jul 11,  · Galactorrhea refers to the condition when the person- it could be a woman, man or even a baby- starts producing breast milk even when pregnancy has not occurred. This condition is also called hyperlactation. Milk production and secretion occur despite the person not being pregnant or even when they are another Mahak Arora. I then dangle my breasts, jiggle and flop them around while bent over. This allows the milk to start flowing to the nipple. I then start pumping or nursing and completely drain my breasts. How long it took to induce lactation. From the start to FULL milk production it was one year. My first milk drops appeared at about 3 months, maybe a little.

It can take a couple weeks to start producing milk. And any milk – even a small amount – is worth celebrating. It means your body has learned how to produce breastmilk, and you’ve successfully induced lactation without pregnancy! Shop Hospital Grade Breast Pumps. Oct 11,  · Galactorrhea is the pathological secretion of milk or secretion from the female breast outside of pregnancy and lactation. The cause is usually an increased level of the lactation hormone prolactin or an organic change in the milk duct. Galactorrhea can be diagnosed and treated by means of a milk duct endoscopy.

The process of inducing lactation without pregnancy involves certain protocols that are designed to stimulate the breast tissue to develop milk ducts and the other necessary tissues responsible for milk production. If a woman has never produced milk before the process is much more involved since the tissue has yet to develop. Feb 24,  · A baby suckling at the breast and/or frequent breast stimulation is the best way to induce the hormones needed to produce milk. And combine this with other herbal and prescription medications, and you have a protocol for inducing lactation.

you are still producing a significant amount of milk at 6 months after weaning or re-start milk production spontaneously (not associated with pregnancy). you start producing milk and have never been pregnant. you have breast discharge that does not appear to be milk.