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to dry breast milk - sound of breast milk great real amateur girl lactation video

Dec 18,  · Both estrogen and bromocriptine had been used regularly in the past to dry up a woman’s breast milk supply. However, based on research citing potential health risks, their use for this purpose is far less common today. Estrogen injections increase a woman’s risk of developing a blood clot, which can lead to a stroke or even death. The process of drying up your milk can take days to weeks. 1  The length of time it takes will depend on how long your body has been producing milk. Generally, the longer you have been nursing, the longer it will take to dry up your milk.

Mar 08,  · Cabbage leaves are very effective in drying up breast milk. Place clean and chilled cabbage leaves in your bra, making sure the leaves are flat against the surface of the breast. When they begin to wilt, replace them with fresh leaves. Nov 03,  · Non-medical methods 1. Cold turkey You can observe a gradual cessation of breastfeeding to slowly reduce breast milk supply and eventually 2. Cabbage Research shows topical application of cabbage leaves on the breast may help reduce breast pain and relieve 3. Herbs In traditional medicine, the.

Jul 10,  · Some steps to remember for this method: Wash: Separate and wash the leaves of a green cabbage, thoroughly drying them afterward. Refrigerate: Store your freshly washed leaves in the fridge Author: Michelle Roth. Jan 23,  · Cold compresses (heat may temporarily help the pain, but it encourages milk flow, so try to avoid the heat). I always like the Lansinoh therapearls – you can make them hot or cold, and they fit snuggly inside your bra. Tylenol or Advil can help relieve any pain or discomfort.