Sir Rob tortures Aiyana - BDSM Tit Torture Pussy Punishment - females tortured punished erotic stories


females tortured punished erotic stories - Sir Rob tortures Aiyana - BDSM Tit Torture Pussy Punishment

This story includes torture, female-female rape, electro-torture, tit torture, corporal punishment and a unique double-dildo rape/death. AVIATRIX ABDUCTED by Navyrotor: A female pilot has been shot down over enemy territory, and is in the hands of her sadistic enemy. Her torture takes a bad turn when her copilot is added to the captor's fun. She escapes her punishment, Master could not get more angry. Two youngsters explore BDSM to cope with their darkness. A fantasy from the future. 'Rage is good. Rage is liberating' - Jan Brody. A sub plays a game against his keyholder and her girlfriend. and other exciting erotic stories at!

The wall held a vast array of punishment-equipment: whips and crops and big leather paddles; two ball-gags of thick red rubber, with complex head harnesses; three black-leather penis-gags, each with a huge menacing shaft and enormous bulbous tip; two oddly-shaped leather butt-plugs, one small and one big; a heavy blindfold of black leather; a. Sara's Punishment Sara awoke to two men tugging the blankets off her and pulling her out of the bed. Her eyes flew open and she immediately knew what was happening: they were taking her to the torture chamber. Sara glanced at the clock and it was only three in the morning but she knew that her master’s appetites could be wild and unpredictable.

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